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Planning a trip to Rwanda? Got a ton of questions? Here’s some basic info for pre-travel planning, but as always, we’re here for your questions. And, don’t forget to book a tour with us to experience the best of Kigali. 



  • Some travelers can receive a visa upon arrival. More country specific visa info linked here.
  • The tourist visa is $30 USD for one month.
  • The East African Tourist Visa, which is $100 USD grants you multiple entry access to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.
  • You can pay in cash or by credit card.


  • Credit cards are widely accepted in Kigali.
  • The maximum amount of Rwandan Francs you can withdraw per transaction at an ATM is 200,000 RWF (about $270 USD) and most machines will allow two withdrawals of 200,000 RWF.
  • You can withdraw USD from KCB ATMs scattered around town ($500 USD maximum per withdrawal).
  • If you bring USD make sure all bills are newer than 2006.

Phone & Internet

  • There are three main telecom companies in Rwanda: MTN, Tigo and Airtel. Consensus seems to be that MTN is the best; however, expect connections to be weaker especially for data.
  • You can purchase a 3g sim card for 1,000 RWF ($1.25 USD) as well as airtime scratch cards from street vendors all over town.
  • You can also set up monthly post-paid plans to get data packages – for 1.5GB of data per day you pay around $25 USD per month; however, you’ll need to bring your passport with you to the telecoms shop.


  • Malaria is present, but not common in Kigali.
  • Tap water is not safe to drink.
  • It is best to travel with all of the medicines you need. However, most medications can be purchased over the counter from the city’s many pharmacies.


  • Kigali is a safe city but it is best to take some precautions as petty crime is on the rise. Please be aware of your belongings, especially when in public transportation, markets or in more downtown areas.


  • The weather in Kigali is remarkably constant throughout the year. Days hover around 70 Fahrenheit (20 Celsius) and nighttime temperatures are slightly colder.
  • There is a rainy season from March until the end of May though the weather can certainly be beautiful during this time.


  • The most common transportation in Kigali is motorcycle taxis (locally known as motos). If you plan to travel by moto, we strongly recommend using SafeMotos – they have apps for Android and iOS where you can order a safe driver right to your door and also provide better helmets for their riders.
  • The easiest place to find a taxi is in a hotel. Don’t rely on hailing a cab from the street if you’re in a hurry.
  • For a taxi to or from the aiport expect to pay between 8,000 and 10,000 RWF ($11 to $14 USD).

Basic Facts

  • Kigali is about 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level.
  • The national language is Kinyarwanda. However, many people also speak English (younger generations) or French (older generations).
  • The 2014 census estimates the population of Rwanda at 12.1 million.
  • The president of the country is his Excellency President Paul Kagame.

Go Kigali Tours

  • All tours are booked directly through our website using the blue “Book Now” button on the homepage.
  • We have a 2-person minimum for all of our tours.
  • Once you book a tour you will automatically receive directions and a map of the exact meeting place for the tour.
  • Tours go rain or shine.
  • We know that unexpected things come up when traveling, so there is no penalty and a full refund for cancellations made more than 7 days in advance. For cancellations made 7 days to 72 hours in advance we’ll refund 50%. There are no refunds for cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance.

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