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There’s no other way to orient yourself in this hilly town than with The Map: Kigali. Not only is it a must have but it’s probably the nicest map you’ll ever touch – it’s water proof, impossible to rip and just plain awesome.

The map is packed with over 500 points of interest, 50 recommendations, tips on transport, where to eat, where to stay and more.

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Some of The Map’s features include:

    • A full map of the entire city on one side including contour lines and markings where the steepest hills are so you know how to navigate the valleys.
    • Dozens of tips and pieces of advice on everything from taking motos to restaurant recommendations to Kinyarwanda language basics.
    • 30 landmarks for easy navigation around the city, all well known by moto and taxi drivers.
    • Over 70 hotels, 80 restaurants, 25 cafes, and 90 local bars and nightclubs are marked. Plus art galleries, memorials, markets, groceries stores, embassies, government offices, major NGO offices, schools, banks, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, churches, mosques, bus stops, gas stations, and dozens of other useful places.
    • A mini-map of Rwanda showing major towns and cities along with ideas for things to do outside of Kigali.

This fabulous map is available throughout town for 10,000 RWF ($13 USD).

Another super valuable tool from the maker of The Map: Kigali is the resourceful site www.livinginkigali.com, home to hundreds of articles and reviews about Kigali.

Let’s get exploring!

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